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2024 January Sale: Questions about buying online lessons

(This is a follow up to ‘2024 January Sale: Why 1-1 lessons with a native speaker?  )

We get lots of questions from prospective online students! For instance:

How does buying online lessons work?

It’s not complicated. You simply select the lessons package that you prefer from our catalog and proceed with the payment in the usual ecommerce way. Add the product to your cart, fill in the usual information, select a payment method (see below), check and authorise the payment.

When we are notified of your order, our teaching management team will get a copy (it could take a few hours for them to see it, depending on the time zone). They will then email you to find out what your needs are, and when you would like to take your lessons. When you have responded to their questions, they’ll pass your details to a teacher from our team who has availability at the day/time you prefer. The teacher will then email you to arrange your first lesson.

If you don’t see an email from our teaching management team within, say, 24 hours (should be much sooner, though), please check your email account’s spam/junk folder carefully! Other things can go wrong, but rarely do. The most frequent issue in arranging lessons is the student not noticing emails they have recieved from the teaching management team and/or the assigned teacher.

Payment options currently offers four payment options, so you can select your preferred payment method when you get to the ‘checkout’ page. Do that by clicking on the DARK BLUE DOT, next to the payment method. Payment options are (in the order that you’ll see them on the page):

Credit card / debit card – your card information is protected and processed by the well-known payment processing company Stripe, fronted by our ecommerce shop provider, Woocommerce. This is the most common choice, and always works well. Fees (which are paid by us) are reasonable, and payment security is world class.

Paypal – a popular and reliable payments provider. If you already have a Paypal account, your credit/debit card information should already be safely stored, so all that’s needed is to authorise the payment.

Amazon Pay – if you have an Amazon account, with a credit/debit card linked to it, they’ll process your order on our behalf, just as if you were ordering physical goods from their site. It’s not the most common choice, but works well, and some of our students prefer it.

Direct Bank Transfer – (SUITABLE ONLY FOR CUSTOMERS WITH A UK BANK ACCOUNT) if you have a UK bank account, are comfortable using home banking, and don’t mind typing in the account name, account number and sort code, select this payment method (otherwise, use a credit/debit card!) Once your order is received you will be redirected to a page with our account information, after which it’s up to you to log into your home banking and do the payment. The shop software will also email our bank details to you. Please use your Order ID number as the payment reference. Obviously, your order won’t be confirmed until the funds have cleared in our account, which can be almost instantly, or take several days, depending on your bank. If you’re in a rush, email us when you’ve made the payment so we’ll know to look out for it. N.B. We do not recommend international bank transfer as a payment option. Fees are unpredictable and can be excessive. Fees charged on international bank transfer payments or for currency conversion are a student’s responsibility. If in doubt, choose the credit/debit card option instead!

Is it safe to input my credit card details in your online shop?

Well, actually  you’ll be sending your details directly to the payment processor you selected (Woocommerce/Stripe x credit / debit card payments, Amazon Pay, or Paypal), and while that may appear to be on our website, it really isn’t! We never get to see your card details, however we’re assured that the security offered by these organisations is the best.

Do you charge VAT/sales tax?

Yes. Our company is based in the UK, and because foreign language lessons are subject to Value Added Tax in Britain, UK VAT of 20% is included in the advertised price of online lessons. You don’t need to add anything on (as is common in the USA, for instance). VAT is already included in all the prices you see.

Ready to give online lessons with a native speaker teacher a try? You may be interested in our current promotion…

2024 January Sale: Italian, French, and Spanish lessons -20%

The 2024 January Sale has begun, which means that students of Italian, Spanish, French and German can save 20% on one-to-one online lessons via Skype or Zoom with a native speaker teacher of the language they’re learning.

Everything at our online store,, is a fifth cheaper IF YOU USE this coupon code:


For instance, you could buy ten one-to-one language lessons, and so practice speaking or get help with grammar, while paying for only eight!

That’s like getting two extra lessons of speaking and listening practice, on us! Use the following coupon code to save £££ on your order:


First make your selection from the one-to-one online lesson options.

Then go to your shopping cart and paste or type in coupon code 2024-January-Sale-20%-Off.

Press the ‘Apply coupon’ button. If you pasted in the coupon code correctly the effect will be to reduce the cart total by 20%.

Scroll down to verify that the cart total actually HAS been reduced by 20% BEFORE proceeding with your payment…

The coupon code is good until midnight on January 6th 2024. You can use it as often as you wish, with no minimum or maximum spend.

Restrictions? Small print? The coupon code can’t be used together with any other coupon code you may already have. Besides that, no.

So do find some time to stock up on online lesson credits – at an unbeatable price:

One-to-one language lessons via Skype or Zoom

Here’s that coupon code again:


And here’s where you can use it:

The next sale won’t be until April, so a long way off!

No longer interested?

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