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2024 January Sale: Why 1-1 lessons with a native speaker?

Why take one-to-one lessons online with a native speaker of the language you’re learning?

And why do that through

A foreign language, in the end, is all about communication. Speaking, listening, reading and perhaps writing.

For most people, speaking and listening combined, so actually INTERACTING, is the objective.

People typically want to reach the point when they can chat to a native speaker with a degree of confidence, getting at least some of their ideas across, understanding as much as possible of what’s being said to them, and feeling confident enough to handle moments of difficulty, such as not understanding a critical phrase, or generally getting wires crossed!

Reaching that point isn’t rocket science, though it can feel impossible to many learners. You basically need to practice. To just do it. Obviously, what you can manage in terms of interacting is likely to be limited at first, but repeated contact with a native speaker will quickly lead to you feeling more confident. That’s just the way the human brain works.

In short, competence with a foreign language, to a large extent, is a function of experience using it. If you’ve never interacted, one-to-one, with a native speaker, then it’s no surprise that when you eventually come to do so, no matter how advanced your knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and so on, you’ll feel the pressure!

Some students never get past that lack of practice. They obsess over the details of the language, rather than focusing on DOING THINGS WITH IT. Then freak out when they have to talk or listen. It’s too fast, I don’t have time to think!

Native speakers might not always be the best teachers, nor the cheapest, but interacting with one regularly – I’ve been doing Swedish conversation for half an hour each week, for many years now – is excellent preparation for chatting to other native speakers you may encounter, either when you’re in the country where the language is spoken, or for whatever chance reason.

My Swedish is far from perfect (I never study…) but Swedes I  have occasion to interact with recognise immediately that I’m EXPERIENCED at listening to them (and so they continue in Swedish rather than switching to English), and more or less able to hold up my end of the conversation. They are, usually, quite impressed!

1-1 online lessons can have whatever focus you wish. Grammar, if you insist. Help with things you find difficult. Feedback on errors you make. But those things are also available elsewhere. What you might otherwise be missing is the chance to interact, ideally in as natural a way as possible, and so build those vital  communication skills, and gain experience using them!

Also, if you make an effort to get to know your teacher, to find out about him or her, to learn about where they live, what their interests are, what’s going on in their lives, you’ll be getting a whole different perspective on the language, and on the people who speak it. Course materials can simulate that, but there’s nothing like the real thing, so having a  FRIEND YOU REGULARLY CHAT TO in the language you’re learning.

Why us? Why There are, after all, big learning platforms, language schools, individual freelance teachers, and so on, to choose from.

One good reason is that we don’t offer the hi-tech ‘platform’ experience – where you pick your teacher from a list, having checked their feedback, the cost, and their availability – but instead work as any off-line language school does.

That is to say, you pay for some lessons with us and WE assign you a teacher, someone we have selected as having appropriate skills and experience, know to be available when you need them, and hope will manage to meet your needs (which we ask you about first.)

WE then take responsibility for the ongoing success (or otherwise) of your lessons. If either you or the teacher needs support, we’re here to offer that. Our ‘teaching admin’ team have done that precise job in professional language schools, for years or decades. If you’re not happy with the teacher, we’ll figure out why, then find an alternative.

In effect, is an online language school, one which specialises in the one-to-one experience, and has the aim of providing students with the invaluable benefits of interacting regularly with a native speaker of the language they’re learning.

Twice a year, in February and November, we have a free trial lesson offer (but not this week, sorry.) Four times a year we run a coupon-code promotion on lesson credits, usually with a 20% discount on the website prices.

Many of our students wait for the promotions and sign up again and again, building a medium or long term relationship with their native speaker teacher. That’s exactly what we aim for, because it works for the student, for the teacher, and for us.

You’ll find details of the current coupon code promotion below…

2024 January Sale: Italian, French, and Spanish lessons -20%

The 2024 January Sale has begun, which means that students of Italian, Spanish, French and German can save 20% on one-to-one online lessons via Skype or Zoom with a native speaker teacher of the language they’re learning.

Everything at our online store,, is a fifth cheaper IF YOU USE this coupon code:


For instance, you could buy ten one-to-one language lessons, and so practice speaking or get help with grammar, while paying for only eight!

That’s like getting two extra lessons of speaking and listening practice, on us! Use the following coupon code to save £££ on your order:


First make your selection from the one-to-one online lesson options.

Then go to your shopping cart and paste or type in coupon code 2024-January-Sale-20%-Off.

Press the ‘Apply coupon’ button. If you pasted in the coupon code correctly the effect will be to reduce the cart total by 20%.

Scroll down to verify that the cart total actually HAS been reduced by 20% BEFORE proceeding with your payment…

The coupon code is good until midnight on January 6th 2024. You can use it as often as you wish, with no minimum or maximum spend.

Restrictions? Small print? The coupon code can’t be used together with any other coupon code you may already have. Besides that, no.

So do find some time to stock up on online lesson credits – at an unbeatable price:

One-to-one language lessons via Skype or Zoom

Here’s that coupon code again:


And here’s where you can use it:

The next sale won’t be until April, so a long way off!

No longer interested?

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