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2024 January Sale: Getting started with your online lessons

(This is a follow up to ‘2024 January Sale: Why 1-1 lessons with a native speaker? and 2024 January Sale: Questions about buying online lessons‘)

Here are some more things prospective online students need to know:


The ‘teaching admin’ team

The ‘teaching admin’ (Lucia and Stefania) team will email you when you buy lesson credits, to ask about your needs and preferences, and so put you in touch with a suitable online teacher. After that initial contact, student and teacher organise things for themselves UNLESS there’s any sort of problem, in which case, please contact the teaching admin team (, who will be happy to help you.

Organisation of online lessons

Teacher and student should arrange, via email, the day/time of lessons and the platform to be used (Skype, Zoom), taking into account time zones and the availability/preferences of both. Both teacher and student should confirm that a lesson has been arranged for a particular day/time, or the lesson is NOT confirmed.

Who decides the lesson content?

Normally, you do. Your lessons can include conversation, grammar, a mix, whatever you prefer. If you aren’t sure, ask your teacher for suggestions. She/he will be happy to advise you, or simply decide for you what you need. Lesson content should be agreed between teacher and student, either a general direction/preference discussed at the beginning of the course of lessons, then occasionally thereafter, or time by time. Do you want just conversation? Grammar input? Correction of mistakes? Help with pronunciation? Preparation for an exam? Homework? Something else? The teacher should ask, and the student should communicate whether lesson content is appropriate, and any change in their requirements.

Check your email account’s Spam/Junk folders!

By far the most common problem organising online lessons is that emails – from the teacher or from the ‘teaching admin’ team – end up in a student’s Spam/Junk folder, so are not seen. If you’re expecting an email (for instance, after buying lesson credits, or in response to a request for help), please start by checking the Spam/Junk folder in your email account. Occasionally your teacher or the teaching admin team might forget to email you, or assume that no reply is required. Much more often, they reply professionally and punctually but their reply is not seen.

Why are lessons just 30 minutes long?

As teachers, we think that, while a one-hour individual lesson is ideal when face-to-face in a classroom, an hour online can be heavy, especially when you’re just starting out. So we offer a default of 30 minutes instead. If you’d rather have a longer session, just book two lessons to run one after another. The price of two half-hour lessons is comparable with one full-hour session offered by other quality schools, but offers you more flexibility.

What days/times can I take lessons?

We know there may be a big time difference between where our teachers are and where you live. For this reason we look for teachers who are willing to teach early in the morning or late at night rather than only during office hours. With a little flexibility on both sides, it’s therefore normally possible to accommodate even large time differences. Our ‘teaching admin’ team will ask about your preferred days/times BEFORE assigning you a teacher. Please give them as many options as you can, rather than just one day/one time, and be clear about which time zone you are in!

Do I have to study at a regular day/time?

Nope, it’s flexible. But people do tend to end up having a regular day/time because it just works out like that once lessons become a routine. Not to say you can’t cancel a lesson you’ve booked. Just write to your teacher at least 24 hours in advance to let him/her know.


Ready to give online lessons with a native speaker teacher a try? Don’t forget, we’re currently running a 20% coupon code promotion! You’ll find details below:

2024 January Sale: Italian, French, and Spanish lessons -20%

The 2024 January Sale has begun, which means that students of Italian, Spanish, French and German can save 20% on one-to-one online lessons via Skype or Zoom with a native speaker teacher of the language they’re learning.

Everything at our online store,, is a fifth cheaper IF YOU USE this coupon code:


For instance, you could buy ten one-to-one language lessons, and so practice speaking or get help with grammar, while paying for only eight!

That’s like getting two extra lessons of speaking and listening practice, on us! Use the following coupon code to save £££ on your order:


First make your selection from the one-to-one online lesson options.

Then go to your shopping cart and paste or type in coupon code 2024-January-Sale-20%-Off.

Press the ‘Apply coupon’ button. If you pasted in the coupon code correctly the effect will be to reduce the cart total by 20%.

Scroll down to verify that the cart total actually HAS been reduced by 20% BEFORE proceeding with your payment…

The coupon code is good until midnight on January 6th 2024. You can use it as often as you wish, with no minimum or maximum spend.

Restrictions? Small print? The coupon code can’t be used together with any other coupon code you may already have. Besides that, no.

So do find some time to stock up on online lesson credits – at an unbeatable price:

One-to-one language lessons via Skype or Zoom

Here’s that coupon code again:


And here’s where you can use it:

The next sale won’t be until April, so a long way off!

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