Cookie Advisory and Privacy Policy


‘Cookies’ are small packets of data which a website may save onto your computer or other device when you use it. When you first visit a website, you should be given the option to refuse cookies, or to choose which purposes you are willing to allow the use of cookies for (i.e. only legally-required purposes, or also for other purposes, such as advertising.)

The majority of uses of cookies are benign – for example, a site may save a cookie to your computer to show that you are logged in, or that you have visited the site before. Website owners may want to know what proportion of their vistors are regular users, for example, and how long they spend on the website.

Cookies are often used by advertisers, for example to remind visitors of products or services that they may have shown an interest in. This website does not carry advertising paid for by third parties so there are no such cookies.

If you’re worried about cookies you should learn more about how your usual browser protects you. It’s possible, for example, to visualise and delete the cookies saved on your computer.


You are entitled to know what information we hold about you. At your request we will correct or delete any information which is wrong, or which you do not wish us to hold.

We do not actively collect personal information during your use of this website unless you decide to purchase something. However, as part of the normal interaction between website visitor and website provider your IP address may be recorded in server logs – an IP address can partly identify you, or at least show where you are accessing the Internet from. If this concerns you, you can avoid revealing your location by using a VPN when navigating the Internet.

If you choose to purchase something from this website, your name, address and card details will be processed and retained by the payment processor you select, for example Paypal. Your card details will not be shared with us, but the other details will be and will be retained for the purposes of completing your order and for statutory purposes such as refunds, accountancy, and taxation.

We do not add purchasers’ emails to a bulk mailing list without their permission, but emails are sent by our system, by our teaching managemet team and by our teachers, as part of the process of completing and fullfilling orders.

If you leave a review of a product, or other comment on content on this website, your email address is required, but will not be published. Neither will leaving a comment on an article result in your name being added to a mailing list.

We will not give, sell, rent, barter or otherwise exchange your email address, IP address, or other identifying information with any other organisation or individual.