Online German lessons: 10 x 30-minute lessons

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  • 10 x 30 minute online German lessons via Skype or Zoom in your own home or office
  • flexible lesson scheduling, study as much or as little as you like!
  • suitable for any level from beginner to advanced
  • choose conversation, grammar, or a combination of the two
  • experienced, friendly teachers who will look after you!


If you want to learn to SPEAK German, you have to practise, right?

But it can be hard to find a good teacher near your home.

That’s where online German lessons via Skype or Zoom come in. If you have a reasonably fast Internet connection, you can learn German online, talking to your teacher on your computer no matter where you are in the world.

The lessons are completely personalisable according to your level, needs and preferences. Choose conversation, grammar input, or a combination of the two!

So, why not give it a try? Just complete the secure online payment and we will assign you a FRIENDLY, SUPPORTIVE, ENCOURAGING teacher who will talk to you in German and explain the things you don’t understand.

And after your lesson, you’ll get written feedback from your teacher: your mistakes, any new words or grammar explanations from your lesson, pronunciation notes, and so on.

4 reviews for Online German lessons: 10 x 30-minute lessons

  1. Karen

    I enjoyed reading this story. It is an interesting and sweet love story about a struggling artist. I wanted the story to continue. I am hoping for a sequel.

  2. jan

    Really enjoyed this lovely story. Suited me to have the English parallel text as this is just above my level, but chosen particularly to provide a challenge. Satisfying to know that I have learned so much Italian through the 1:1 Skype lessons, and equally good that reading this book has provided new vocabulary and something to aim for. I shall read it over and over. Great value too

  3. Angela

    Today I read this book again, it is a lovely story not too complicated and I found myself completely absorbed in it. I am trying to reach B2 level so have been attempting harder books. This was a pleasure to read and although easier it was not too easy.
    And I am likely to read it again.

  4. Lynne F

    After reading a few texts at a lower level I felt it was time to take the challenge and move to the next! The storyline was simple which meant I wasn’t distracted by a complex plot. I surprised myself with how much I could understand. I also now know my next learning steps. It is good that the English text follows each chapter which meant that I wasn’t tempted to look until I had read it in Italian but then could ensure I had understood it properly before moving on to the next chapter. I have just ordered three more books and look forward to the challenge of reading them.

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