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Next week we’re giving away 150 FREE online lessons!

It’s February 2024, so soon time for our semi-annual ‘Free Trial Lesson’ offer!

Next week will be giving away 150 FREE ONLINE LESSONS (the offer is for new students only.)

This is a promotion we do twice a year when things are otherwise quiet, in November and February.

On these occasions we aim to give away a hundred and fifty free online lessons, normally priced at £22 each.

Try an online lesson (via Skype or Zoom) with one of our native-speaker teachers, at a cost of exactly ZERO!

You don’t have to buy a lesson to get one free, we won’t even ask for your card details – all we need to organise your lesson is your email address, so our teaching management team can contact you to organise your lesson.

It’s a genuinely-free, free offer!

N.B. This promotion is for new students only. The free trial lesson offer is limited to one per person.

To claim your free trial lesson, watch out for the links and details we’ll be mailing out early next week.

Once you’ve completed your online order form, our teaching management team will contact you to find out what your needs and preferences are and, importantly, WHEN you’d like to do your free lesson.

It could take a day or two for them to write to you, so be patient. Also check your spam/junk folder to make sure emails from the teaching management team don’t get missed!

There’s no rush to do the free trial lesson, which doesn’t have to be next week – the offer ends on Sunday 18th February 2024, but that’s just a promotional deadline, not a limit for actually doing the lesson.

  • The Free Trial Online Lesson offer begins on Monday 12th February 2024 and ends on Sunday 18th February 2024
  • No need to actually DO the lesson next week, just ‘book’ it
  • Remember: this offer is for NEW STUDENTS ONLY
  • If you booked a free trial last time but didn’t take it – do try again!
  • But if you’ve already done a free trial in the past, sorry…
  • After completing your lesson, you’ll be sent a 15% discount coupon

How much do online lessons with a native speaker teacher cost when they’re NOT free, you might be wondering?

Buy 5, 10, 20 or 30 lesson credits  at a time (they don’t  expire, so you’ve nothing to lose), and you’ll get a discount!

Check the prices here:

Online Italian lessons | Online Spanish lessons | Online French lessons | Online German lessons

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