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2023 Autumn Sale Sale: Save 20% on your lessons, 36 hours left!

There are just 36 hours remaining of the 2023 Autumn Sale, which ends at midnight on Sunday 1st October 2023.

With coupon code 2023-Autumn-Sale-20%-Off students of Italian, Spanish, French and German can save 20% on one-to-one language lessons via Skype or Zoom with a native speaker teacher of the language they’re learning.

Everything at our online store,, can be had a fifth cheaper than the advertised prices, IF you remember to use coupon code  2023-Autumn-Sale-20%-Off .

Get ten one-to-one Italian lessons (or Spanish, or French, or German), and so practice speaking, or get help with grammar, while paying for only eight!

Check out lesson options and prices, not forgetting to mentally reduce the prices you see there by 20% (then to actually use coupon code  2023-Autumn-Sale-20%-Off to save £££ on your order!)

How to use the coupon code, exactly?

1.) Make your selection from the one-to-one online lesson options and add them to your shopping cart with the ‘Add to cart’ button.

2.) Go to the actual shopping cart and copy/paste coupon code  2023-Autumn-Sale-20%-Off into the box, where it says ‘Coupon code’, to reduce the cart total by 20%.

3.) Press the ‘Apply coupon’ button, then SCROLL DOWN to verify that the CART TOTAL has been reduced by 20% (BEFORE proceeding with your payment…)

Don’t forget, the coupon code is ony good until midnight on Sunday 1st October 2023. Use it as often as you wish until then, with no minimum or maximum spend. The coupon can’t be used together with any other coupon code you may already have.

Have questions? Why not take a look at our FAQ?

The next sale will be after Christmas, so still months away…

Get your online lesson credits today – at an unbeatable price: One-to-one lessons via Skype or Zoom


Need materials to study? Coupon code  2023-Autumn-Sale-20%-Off is also valid for a 20% discount on ebooks for learning foreign languages at our ebooks store,

As with the lessons, that offer ends Sunday 1st October 2023!

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